CMN in consultation with the network owner develops a rate card specific to the network. Each network has a unique display layout and viewer demographic, rotation wheel and spot length. Rates are determined by cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Our rates are exceptionally affordable when compared to other media. Rates are built on a formula that combines CPM and the number of screens in the network. The network can consist of multiple screens throughout one facility or single or multiple screens in any number of buildings connected through one central network.

CMN as part of its solution offers network owners a fulfillment package that includes the following:

  1. A sales team- The sales team provides support and advertising fulfillment to the network. Ads are produced by a team of graphic artists which complete production through the week with the roll-out usually taking place on Saturday of each week.
  2. Content management and development. The sales team in consultation with the owner and principles of  CMN develop a sales plan. The plan targets companies, organization and institution that maybe interested in becoming advertisers. This process is strictly managed as all ads and content must be vetted by the owner before it is placed on the network. In conjunction with  this filler content is produced by CMN to create an educational and entertainment environment. The ads are manipulated to display subtle movement that is used to capture the attention and eyeballs of the target audience.

CMN has the following networks in operation throughout Manitoba.

1.        Manitoba Clinic -26 digital communication centres (DCC) – 1.5M per year, largest in Canada

2.       Winnipeg Clinic- 23 DCC’s, 878,000 per year

3.       Winkler Clinic- 7 DCC’s- 178,000 per year

4.       Brandon Clinic- 12 DCC’s- 10,000 plus patients and visitors a week

5.       Point Douglas Clinic -1 DCC , 30,000 patients and visitors

6.       South Eastman Health, Bethesda Hospital, 4 DCC’s ramping up to 14 in the next year- 365,000 staff, patients & visitors.

7.      Sunrise Credit Union, 12 Branches in Western Manitoba reaching over 4000 credit union members

CMN is touching more than 300,000 people a month.

Application Schematic

Display layout determines how much space is available for your content. You may choose to have additional regularly updated information such as weather, news updates etc.

You may choose your preferred message change process ie scrolling, rolling, swiping.

Message rotation can be from 30 to 60 minutes.

Message length can be from 6 to 60 seconds. We will work with you to create effective messaging appropriate for your target demographic /audience.