Digital Signage Content

Communication Media Network has access to a number of digital content libraries from our partner corporations and government departments such as Health Canada. CMN has also been building its own content library which presently has over 10,000 articles and postings.



CMN’s  health content covers a variety of topics that is meant to educate, entertain and capture the attention of the audience to assist in managing wait time anxiety that is common place in waiting rooms and hospitals. Some of the content areas include nutrition, disease control, special alerts, specific information on combating HPV and other sicknesses such as acute psoriasis. The content also includes tips and symptoms on health problems such as heart attacks, stroke and diabetes.


Universities, colleges and schools in recent years have begun to realize the  importance of digital signage as  a new and versatile communication tool. In fact education is communication and where better to use the new technologies than in educational organizations. Our educational institutions have realized that they to have to provide good customer service. This service can be widened and ever more appealing using digital signage networks that can reach students, staff and other stakeholders through the use of new applications such as social media, wi-fi, twitter and smart phones. A powerful tool that is not only user friendly but affordable and environmental. 

Fun Facts

Content that is not well crafted can be boring and uninteresting. This can create a dilemma for network developers and owners. By creating fun facts content and placing it on the network attracts the audiences eyeballs and attention can be retained. Captivating them is done through the use  of interesting facts on subjects such as water, things we eat and things we do. CMN uses a number of libraries such as those associated with the Guinness Book of World Records and other publications particular to a field of study or sports such as golf.


The world of trivia is a wonderful playground where information is gathered to challenge the mind and keep people engaged. It is a place without borders in which far reaching topics are explored and crafted to entertain and beguile our sense of wisdom. Humans love being right and knowledgeable so the value of trivia activates memory retention which is a component essential in the development of a productive communication network.


On the commercial side CMN networks can be used in various sectors. In today’s economy customers have become much more visual therefore digital signage is becoming mainstream for companies/organizations that have:
•    Multiple operations/buildings
•    Safety, workplace and wellness concerns
•    A need to reinforce company policy and regulations
•    Provide employees/customers with special alerts and info on employee meetings
•    A need to lessen their carbon footprint by reducing paper and brochures
•    Communicating Corporate vision, ethics and general information messages

Content is King

Ways to achieve this on a budget:

Everyone recognizes that content is king and keeping content fresh and relevant to your target audience is a key aspect of any digital signage installation. However making content can be expensive so it is essential to develop a strategy that is both low cost and effective. It is essential to have a good editorial system in place and be able to accept content from people all over, automatically. CMN content management is a prime resource that is delivered to our customers. Principles of the company have accredited backgrounds in Information Technology System, Products and Services, Marketing, Publishing, Sales and International Trade.

Sources of content include:

  • Local messaging such as Safety Alerts
  • Staff should have access to a simple easy to use facility that enables them to communicate new information instantly. For example input of messages, announcements, visual paging, table data, TV selection and layout changes.
  • Websites; RSS feeds from either the organizations owner or other relevant third party websites can automatically load news to the screen, in addition to daily announcements and news. Staff can post new meeting dates, training seminars/ information and promotional content from the broader spectrum of the business.
  • Existing Content; Freely available existing content e.g Power points, videos from your organizations website, or other relevant education related sites should be able to be reused.
  • Video (Free TV or Live Camera) TV Programs can be displayed or delivered to show live tv everywhere on a network. In an organization, images and live footage of special events and award ceremonies can be shown on screens around the the organization.

Content Management

Content management is the cornerstone for any digital signage network. It is one of the most important aspects of a digital-signage network, especially in a institutional / organization environment. There are many things to be considered such as locations, buildings, screens, content sources and management teams, managing different media types and playlists, scheduling, workflow and reporting.

Key issues to address include the following- what will the content method be?

Depending on the scale of your digital signage installation, content may be:

  • Broadcast: “global” content published to all locations.
  • Narrowcast: “regional” content published to regional locations
  • Target-cast: location-specific content published to individual location
  • Will the content be updated automatically e.g pre-configured newsfeed, weather updates.
  • Who will manages the content? Will it be centrally controlled and disseminated to different subscriber players across the organization, or does content need to be updated locally? e.g using.
  • A system capability. A system capability can be used to localize the layout for a specific department or allow instant messages and visual paging of a staff member.
  • Who will create the templates? – These will be supplied as part of a service agreement with Communication Media Network.

The key to its ongoing success is to ensure content remains relevant and live, contributed to by stakeholders at all levels. CMN specialists and network systems solve all these issues.

Our Process

The process of introducing  and eventually installing a digital signage network does not need to be  a complex process. The CMN solution is simple, efficient and effective. You can plan and have a signage network installed in 60 days under normal circumstances. Our digital signage specialists coordinate planning each network with the owner and their team.

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Digital Signage usage is unlimited. If you have a product , service or an organization that needs to attract customers a digital network can be an invaluable communication tool to get noticed.  Businesses that have been early adopters of digital signage such as pharmacies, banks, health clinics, hospitals, insurance companies , grocery chains and service organizations such as Tim Horton’s and McDonald’s to name a few have all benefited financially using this new communication medium.
Digital signage has three distinct applications.

  • Window Channel-Large screens are mounted inside large windows to attract customers into the organizations facility or office.
  • Stand Channel- This is the mainstream screen usually 42″-46″ which carries the organizations regular content and offer.
  • Gondola Channel- This is the placement of a small screen at the end or in a product shelf that carries all the needed information on a product or service that is particular to that self. eg. Sunscreen. The application verticals listed below give a brief explanation on how digital signage can be applied in these sectors.

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There are multitude of benefits associated with indoor digital signage and signage networks.  It’s greatest value is in the efficiency, flexibility and cost effectiveness of this new media solution. We consider it ” THE FUTURE NEW MEDIA”. The following dialogue places digital signage as not only environmentally safe but  a purely green product in the context of the traditional media world. It is a new and growing global industry that is very rapidly becoming a mainstream media solution.

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