Promote And Sell with Digital Signage – It’s Easy and it Works!

Get your message seen with Digital Signage


You got your customers in, now what?

1. No heavy lifting, we do all the work!
  • You do not need additional staff
  • No technology experience required
  • We have the graphics team and the technology team
2. We keep all the digital signage fresh
  • Constantly updated content – Attracting eyeballs
  • Access to a growing library of over 10,000 pieces of attractive content
  • No limits to content changes

3. We work with you!
  • To develop a monthly marketing plan
  • Ensure your brand is front and center – bring services and products out of the shadows
  • Showcase your products and services – highlighting promotions

4. You get to sleep at night – We give you peace at mind
  • We listen to you
  • We do the work and keep the digital signage running
  • We adapt the digital signage to meet your needs, changing the messaging as your requirements change

Digital Signage
Increased Sales

1. What you need to bring to the table?
  • Flat screen TV or Monitor
  • Consumer Grade Broadband Internet
  • Power\Logo’s
  • That’s it!!!
2. What do we do?
  • We learn your communication strategy
  • Take your logo and branding to develop messaging
  • All messaging approved by you
  • Develop Playlist(s)
  • Ensure Campaign Start and Stop
3. What else do we do?
  • Share marketing ideas for your business
  • Provide additional filler content to keep eyes on your screen (weather, news, sports, wellness, etc.)
  • Support Coop advertising & Co-branding
  • Work with you to display Daily, Weekly or monthly promotions
  • Help build your brand through sharing testimonials and reviews.
4. What don’t we do?
  • Don’t surprise you with additional production fee’s or hidden costs
  • Don’t limit the number of changes per month
  • We don’t ignore you – We are part of your team!

We make it easy for you!

Become a Member of the Affinity Program and Get an Exclusive price!

Non Chamber price $200/screen/month
Affinity Program – SAVE $15/screen/month
Support Community and your local Chamber of Commerce


How can you use Digital Signage?

  • Retail
  • Medical services
  • Manufacturing
  • Internal communications
  • Consumer communications
  • Sales teams
  • Health safety wellness
  • Service industries
  • Financial sector
  • Window promotions
  • Educational Campus
  • Food services
  • Queue management
  • Wayfinding
  • Any Other Business